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Food for Thought?

Hello Loopers ~ WOW we had some serious hot weather here….how bout you? Even I felt a little drained those days and I LOVE heat!! Although now it has cooled off a bit….. while chillin’ the other day, I read a really interesting article in the NY Times and wanted to share it with you.  In a nutshell, there is now a name for those of you who do not have Celiac, (although 1 in 100 Americans do and the vast majority of them don’t even know it) but whose health improves on a gluten-free diet and worsens again if gluten is eaten and it is aptly named “non-Celiac gluten sensitivity.” When you think about it, wheat was introduced into our diets only 10,000 years ago ~ seems like a long time ~ but our intestines were not equipped to digest these new proteins found in the gluten, proteins that are being used in larger quantities because they provide the desired springiness inside and crustiness outside of our breads. But researchers still cannoexplain the science behind what causes gluten sensitivity, nor is there a simple test to determine whether you have it or not ~ so we will leave the science up to them, and the easy part up to us ~ stock up on my cookies!! 

Warm chocolatey love comin to a shelf near you soon….xoxox…Loopie

They’re flying off the shelves!

  Hello Loyal Loopers!!! We are having great success with our new line of Gluten Free cookies. Each flavor has its own following of customer. Some like the traditional Chocolate Chunk…..who can blame ‘em! Some prefer that change up with the White Chocolate. Others LOVE the Snickerdoodle because it takes them back to their childhood…