It can't be….they're Gluten Free!

Loopie's Oven


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Hi LoopieDoop,
Yes your cookies are AMAZING.  I am in love. I keep track of the calories I eat.  Can you tell me the number of calories in your oatmeal raisin cookie and the chocolate multi chip cookie?  It won’t stop me from eating them; just allow me to titrate the numbers I eat.  I had your oatmeal cookie Saturday and that is ALL I can think of for breakfast each day since then.

Katy Joyce
A LoopieDoop Fan

they are by far the best cookies i have tasted and the size of the cookies are HUGE!

Steve Grasso

Need a fabulous gift for family, friends, clients?  Look no further! Loopie Doop cookies are the most scrumptious half pound of sweet goodness you could ever hope to sink your teeth into.  The only problem?  You’ll be ruined for any others!

Patricia Edwards, CFA

Just wanted to let you know that you have some seriously tasty treats going on here! After hearing all of the great words around town, and seeing your new packaging, I decided today was the day to try one. Had to smile to myself as I was deciding which to try – the names are so clever… “triple threat”, “raisin the bar”, etc.

It’s difficult to find a cookie with just the right balance of taste and texture, yet you have definitely achieved this! The outer edges had a wonderful crisp cookie crunch, while the middle stayed soft and delicious… a combination that is sure to delight whether you are a “crisp cookie” or a “chewy cookie” lover. I had the triple threat and all of the components were in complete harmony with each other… a flawless combination.

My husband then tried (although I was difficult for me to share!) and repeatedly said “this is the best cookie I have ever had.” He is not the most easily impressed, so I can assure you, you have another follower!

Absolutely going to keep purchasing around town… and will be ordering on-line for holidays, events, and gifts!

Thank you!
Brooke Marcogliese